For only AED 1 a day, Najm Care ensures that you and your loved ones are well protected in any event.

Najm Care Benefits:


While living and working in the UAE

1-01 Loan / mortgage payment – Monthly benefit, up to 12 months
1-02 Credit card bill payment – Monthly benefit, up to 12 months
1-03 School fees payment – Monthly benefit, up to 12 months
1-04 Double benefit for accidental death / permanent total disability for common carrier accidents, permanent partial disablement
1-05 Medical reimbursement for accidental death, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability


While at hospital due to accident:

2-01 Hospital cash due to accident (up to 60 days)
2-02 Hospital cash due to accident in ICU (up to 60 days)
2-03 Broken bones due to accident


While home or away travelling

3-01 Home contents
3-02 Contents temporarily removed
3-03 Loss of rent & alternative accommodation
3-04 Replacement of locks & keys
3-05 Visitor’s personal belongings lost / damaged
3-06 Tenants liability
3-07 Loss of documents (passport, driving license, Emirates ID and work permit)
3-08 World wide cover for personal belongings incl. jewellery, portable electronics, mobiles, tablets, documents, wallet and misuse of credit card and other valuables carried with the individual. Covers loss, accidental damage, theft in the UAE & up to 90 days while travelling worldwide
3-09 Loss of money and misuse of credit card

To enroll, contact 600 57 NAJM (6256) today and be always prepared for the unexpected with Najm Care. For claims: call 04 302 9835 / 04 302 9903 or email: [email protected] . For full coverage details, click here

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Terms & Conditions

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