Please note the recent changes by Visa on LoungeKey access and entitlement for all Signature cardholders

The below changes have been implemented effective January 1st, 2019:

  • You are entitled to 12 free visits every calendar year
  • Of the 12 entitled visits in the calendar year, the first visit is free and has no eligibility condition
  • To be entitled for the next 11 free visits, you need to complete one (1) international transaction in each calendar year
  • The minimum value of this transaction should be worth USD 1, which may include face to face, e-commerce, MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order), or any recurring transactions where the currency is not AED. This transaction may take up to 15 days to register with LoungeKey
  • Apart from the first free visit, if you utilize the balance of 11 visits without achieving the spend condition, the respective lounge access cost of USD 27 will be charged to your card
  • The LoungeKey access entitlement and the requirement to meet the eligibility condition will reset from January 1st in subsequent years
  • The benefit and eligibility conditions apply separately for the primary and secondary cardholders
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