When I shop online – how do I register my name and address details on the Prepaid Visa MyNetCard?

To use your card for payment on most websites you need to put in your name and address details (to do this login to www.premogiftcards.com and click on ‘My Card’). Always remember that the address you enter on the website you are making a transaction on must match the address details you register for the card on www.premogiftcards.com.

Steps to register your card, check the balance and update your profile:

  • Go to www.premogiftcards.com
  • Click on “My Card” and then click on “Register Card”
  • Enter your card number on the left-hand side banner, at the bottom, of the webpage that opens up where it says “Sign-up/Register your Card”
  • Click “Sign-up/Register”
  • Enter card number… (etc)

Review balances and update profile, billing address and card details.

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