Get up to AED 300 Carrefour vouchers every month

The smartest way to save at CarrefourA Najm Silver Card gets you more savings and privileges at Carrefour, everyday

  •  Get as much as AED 300 as Carrefour vouchers every month
  • Automatically receive your monthly digital Carrefour vouchers
  • A dedicated check-out counter at all Carrefour Hypermarkets across the UAE just for Najm card holders
  • Exclusive 12 months 0% EPP on Carrefour webstore purchases and up to 9 months for in-store purchases

Annual Fee: AED 262.50

Cashback Rewards
  • Introductory offer of 10% booster cashback at Carrefour and 5% for spends elsewhere, for first 60 days. Maximum cashback of AED 300 as Carrefour voucher.
  • 3% cashback at Carrefour and 1% cashback on all your other spends. Save up to AED 300 every month*
  • Automatic rewards redemption through Carrefour voucher redeemable at all Carrefour stores across the UAE

*Effective April 2018, continue enjoying your cashback on a minimum retail spend of AED 2000.

Najm Movie Time

Enjoy Buy One Get One Free on tickets and popcorn at VOX Cinemas for up to 2 free tickets each month. View the terms and conditions for VOX offers.

Travel Discounts up to 30%

Make your travel bookings on our simple and comprehensive online travel portal,, which offers an end-to-end travel solution for flights, hotel bookings and more.

You can avail 0% EPP when you book with your Najm One Card. Click here to learn more.


Get up to 30% off on family entertainment, retail, dining, lifestyle and more with over 450 partner merchants with Najm Lifestyle. Click below to view discounts on


Health & Wellness


Easy Payment Plans (EPP)

Shop heavy…pay light!

A new LCD television, a computer or diamond jewellery - something new and exciting always brings more smiles all around.

Please note that effective 1 March 2018, transactions converted to 0% installment plans will not earn reward points/cashback.

To apply for an Easy Payment Plan, login to Najm Online or call Najm Call Centre at 600 57 NAJM (6256).

To learn more, visit our Easy Payment Plans (EPP) page.

Balance Transfer

Want to go on holiday? Concerned about your children’s tuition fees? Simply transfer outstanding balances from other credit cards to your Najm Credit Card.

Loan on Phone

Get up to 70% of your available Najm Credit Card limit transferred to your bank account and take care of school fees, rent, or any other expenditure.

Cash Advance

Get up to 25% cash advance on your Najm credit card

For your loved ones


  • Get up to 5 Supplementary Cards for your family. Download the form to apply for a Supplementary Card for your account.

Gift Cards

  • Choose from a wide selection of gift cards and designs. Visit Premo Gift Cards to know more.

Prepaid Cards

  • Choose from a wide range of prepaid cards available. Visit Premo Gift Cards to know more.
Online Services

Najm Online

  • At a click or on-the-go, our desktop and mobile solutions are simple and secure, offering you instant access to your credit card account. Pay your Najm card bills, DEWA bills, Etisalat bills are more at a click of a button. Visit Najm Online to learn more


  • The Premo online market place offers a full range of prepaid, gift, virtual and soon to launch reloadable cards. With Premo’s gift card range you can find the perfect gift for any occasion and it is the only place in the UAE where you can completely customize your gift card with your own images. Click here to learn more.
Direct Debit

The UAE Direct Debit System is a system that accords you the convenience of automating your monthly payments to your Najm Credit Card directly from your bank account ensuring your payments are cleared on your payment due date. Visit our UAE Direct Debit System page to learn more.


Global Emergency

Your Najm Credit Card is covered by a Global Emergency Assistance service, which covers reporting lost or stolen cards, emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement. Click here to learn more.


Najm offers you comprehensive Lifestyle Protection (LSP), which ensures that you and your loved ones are protected from the burden of debt in the event of an unforeseen tragic event. Click here to learn more.

My Guard

MyGuard is a comprehensive protection service offered by Najm that gives you complete peace of mind during times of crisis.

Wallet Protection

As a Najm customer you will be covered for:

  • Fraudulent charges – Any unauthorized transaction on your credit card leading to financial loss, as a result of theft of your card up to 24 hours prior to your first reporting will be reimbursed to you
  • Identity Theft – Expenses incurred as a result of your efforts to resolve your identity theft and shall be reimbursed to you. This will also cover losses incurred due to unauthorized opening of bank or credit accounts through your stolen identity
  • Lost Wages – Unpaid time taken off work solely as a result of your efforts to correct your financial records as a result of your identity theft shall be reimbursed to you
  • ATM Assault including First Aid – We will reimburse you for the money you withdrew with your payment card from any ATM in UAE, that was stolen as a result of a robbery and if you incur bodily injury during a robbery, we will reimburse you for emergency first aid
  • Accidental Death – Your beneficiaries will receive compensation in the event that the insured's injury resulting from the robbery results in death

Takaful Protection Plan (Personal Accident Cover)

Najm covers you for unexpected events such as accidental insurance on all forms of disability or loss of life. For more information on our Terms and Conditions click here.

Interactive SMS Service

Please see the Interactive SMS Service page.

Calculate your cashback based on your monthly spends
First 60 days Introductory cashback offer
Carrefour spends (AED) 0.00 0.00 -
Elsewhere spends (AED) 0.00 0.00 -
Total Savings (AED) 0.00 0.00 -
Annually after 60 days
Monthly Carrefour spends (AED) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Monthly Other spends (AED) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total Monthly Savings (AED) 0.00 0.00 0.00
Total Annual Savings (AED) 0.00 0.00 0.00

With over 1,000 payment locations paying for your Najm card is a breeze.

Annual fee of only AED 262.50

Get started with Najm Carrefour Cashback Silver today!

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Najm Carrefour SilverGet 10% cashback, save AED 300 every month

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