Balance Transfers Made Easy

Are you tired of paying high interest rates? Transfer outstanding balances from other credit cards to your Najm Card and enjoy preferential interest rates up to 12 months.

It’s fast, convenient and saves you money.

The Balance Transfer Plan also offers unique benefits like:

  • Transfer up to 80% of your available credit limit to any other bank’s credit card
  • No credit approval required
  • No documentation


To apply, simply SMS ‘BT’ to 3135 and we will give you a call back


Log on to Najm Online to place your Balance Transfer request


Save more with Najm today!


Terms & Conditions

  • Balance Transfer is applicable for minimum amount of AED 2000 and above only.
  • The total of Balance Transfer amount along with the interest amount for the installment period will be charged to the Cardholder Credit Card thereby reducing the available credit limit.
  • The Interest Rate on the Balance Transfer is a flat rate.
  • Balance Transfer is a ‘Card Transaction’ initiated by the Cardholder via SMS request or through a Call Centre request.
  • Cardholder agrees to repay to MAF Finance in equal monthly installments or EMI
  • The total Balance Transfer amount cannot exceed more than 80% of the available Credit Card Limit.
  • If the amount to be transferred as mentioned in the request exceeds 80% of the available credit limit on the date of acceptance by MAF Finance, MAF Finance will automatically transfer only an amount equal to 80% of the Credit Card Cardholders available credit limit as authorized by the Cardholder in the application form
  • The Balance Transfer monthly installment amount will be part of the monthly ‘Minimum Payment Due’.
  • In case of early settlement of the Balance Transfer amount before the expiry of the entire tenure of the plan an early settlement fee of AED 100 shall be levied to the Cardholder Credit Card Account. Further all interest or fee charged towards installments pre-settled shall have to be borne by the Cardholders and no such charge will be waived off by MAF Finance.
  • MAF Finance shall not be held responsible for any fee or any service charge debited to the Credit Cardholders other bank Credit Card account due to a decline or a delay in execution of the Balance Transfer request.
  • Credit Cardholder should continue to make the payments to the other bank Credit Card account until the Credit Cardholder receives a confirmation in their future billing statement that the amount has been credited.
  • Approval of Balance Transfer and transfer amount is at the sole discretion of MAF Finance.
  • MAF Finance will attempt to resolve any dispute as per the Credit Cardholder Agreement and the above mentioned terms however not constricted to the above.
  • MAF Finance reserves the right to terminate the offer without any prior notice
  • MAF Finance Terms and conditions apply
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